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Part 2 - Into the Jungle

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

When we go to church, ceremonies or do some sort of ritual, who is it that wants the healing? The ego or something much bigger than the little vehicle we call the ego.

Being that this is part 2 of my journey into the jungle, Id like to discuss the subject of the "human condition". 

That said, I am not writing this blog to give you a sense that Im special or anything of the sort, because at some point or another, we all have some sort of wake up call. A since of change that is to be implemented the very next second. Some might seek to do the work within this lifetime and some might do it at the final moments of death. Either way throughout the realization, whether it be through a traumatic situation, plant medicine, meditation, deep grieving or just a spontaneous awakening-- a recess of the psyche begins to take place. Sometimes the pain or suffering can run so deep that we practically beg the universe or god to give us a sign. The signs inevitably come, but we aren't paying attention do to the sleepy environment in which we place ourselves. We suffer, we ask, we don't want to listen then BAM!! something hits us right in the face (perhaps a beer bottle) and causes a dramatic shift within.

Hindu and Buddhist philosophy often speak about the little vehicle in which sentient beings operate within. Once a break or a shift comes on, we experience an observer in the background that is completely calm. One that isn't tainted with the evils of fear and greed. The one that fully embodies the energy of all love.  

For me, the journey into the jungle was just this. To get a glimpse of truth and unity. But this comes at a price. I'm of the belief that we, as organisms that have been evolving on this planet, have some survival tactics we used in the past to make sure we stay alive. Imagine our ancestors and what they had to do to survive. Do you think that we had a neighbor that we can go ask for a cup of milk or a stick of butter? Nope, not at all. It was ruthless until we came to realize that we work better in packs. Even then, we still had to do some dark things in order to survive.

Have I lost you? Well here is a summary. I know in my heart that we are on the verge of our next step in evolution. In order for this to take place, we must purge the conditioning of selfishness, greed, hate, black/white and borders. In order to do this, we have to make room in ourselves which means that old patterns are to be dissolved and new ones to be put in it's place. It can either be looked at or ignored. This is where the road to an enlightened being perplexes even the most advanced of sages. We can fall into darkness or the light. Its our choice and our path.

As I started this journey, I was told after my first ceremony that blasted my egoic ways into pieces and created a feeling of what I would call god or the one. The shaman I was working with told me that this is when the hard work begins. We step into the world with new eyes but a patterned brain that is to be rewired by the experience we just had. 

During my journey with these plants, I was also married to wonderful women that to this day deserves at least 3 fucking nobel peace prizes. The traumatic event from the robbery was so deep that it made me begin to question everything I've ever learned. So much so, that I had to take steps without her. Please be warned that if you are called to do this work and are married or with someone in which you care for, please sit down with them and discuss what you'd like to do vs what I did by going into this without telling her. The other person has to be on board or you will suffer some pain as your transformation starts to take place. You will try to explain to them this experience but you'll not be able to unless they work with you throughout the process. This is serious work that you will inevitably do with our without your partner. 

While married, I began to travel quite a bit because of the calling I had to establish a relationship with these plants. I felt a deep sense of wonder and when I asked the sincere question to the plants, I got a sincere answer back that came with a lifetime of homework. I began to go deeper and realized that what I was experiencing was our ancestors and they love us very much. So much so that they are willing to go through pain and sacrifice of their own bodies so we can clean our bodies out and realize what we are here to do-- take care of this planet and all her beings. This realization struck me in the heart and there began my relationship with getting to know our ancestors. 

Soon, I will be traveling to the jungle once again to continue my education about our mother we call earth. A lot of people ask me, well if its a medicine then why do you have to keep going back? My answer: the teachings keep going deeper. So much so, that they teach us how to help heal others in need. The plants know how much we suffering because they're suffering too. They want us to stay, but we have to do the work and stop exploiting.

Even as I say this some people might be a bit more confused. Just remember that there is a species or an ally that is helping us. Even those that don't experience these plants even once in their lifetime, you will feel the effects of the people doing this work around you. 

This is the rise of the silent warrior that has a whole nation of other humans and plants behind them. This is when life begins to get interesting. 

This blog is not meant to scare anyone or to tell people that I know how to save the planet. Rather its my direct encounter of MY truth and what myself and others who do this work feel through emotional intelligence and the lessons we receive. 

Aho to all my brothers and sisters. 

Gracias Pacha Mama and gracias padre. 

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