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Ancient Spiritual Warfare

Just recently I've been given some insight into the world of spirit and what the term Spiritual Warfare means. 

You might be asking, “What gives you the authority to speak about this?”. My life path and the work that I’ve been doing for over 15 years on what it means to have an open heart. 

I'm sure that some here are already getting the woo woo feeling, but I come here to ask you to stick with this story to see if it resonates with you at all. I'm not going to pretend I'm some enlightened guru, however, I'm a seeker in the flesh just like you. 

My life path has created some contractions and expansions. Right now at this time I'm undergoing deep contractions. Last week I took up a practice in the Hatha Tantrik world. This practice showed me the soft approach I could take to bringing my expression of child-like curiosity and love into the world. It was both intense and also very beautiful. It was chalked full of gentle yoga practice and also meditation and reflection. 

During this time, I had the chance to discover a child-like nature that could exist all the time and rest in the love that I know is to be true. There was great conversation, vulnerability, and safety being felt, so my inner boy came out and stayed out. 

Up until yesterday, I kept it out and then the world started to creep in to close it down as if that child-like state needed to retreat into a cave to be safe. This is where the uncomfortable bits began to happen. I realized there is no cave to retreat to.  

Throughout my life Ive experienced, near death experiences, sexual abuse, broken promises, bullying and worst of all physical and emotional abuse. It's taken a long time to even venture close to healing these wounds so this part of me can come out into the world. 

But this is where Spiritual Warfare kicks in. When this part of us opens up, the shadow or teacher senses it. It calls on its hounds out into the world and begins to work its dark magic so that it can steal and harvest its energy from this innocent love that is the Universe's true nature. This can be seen as a curse that we are all about to transform. 

It's almost as if the shadow or teacher uses our relationships by possessing them and turning them against us so we fall into a victim state and therefore give our energy away. Perhaps this is why there is so much child sex trafficking in the world today. As you can probably tell, I'm not one to turn a blind eye to all the injustice in the world so with that said if this isn't something you can handle, please exit now. 

For those that stuck with me, you're probably wondering where I'm going with this. What I want to expose is the massive teaching I received in the way of Ancient Spiritual Warfare. Since the beginning of time, the shadow has been on a mission to steal and abuse the soul of child. Just look at how our families are so fractured at the moment. 

For Ex. Dad and mom go to work 40 hours per week. When mom and dad get off work they are exhausted and just want to sleep or watch TV,, not giving their children what they need is love and nurturing. They are so exhausted that they can't even be husband and wife and instead become roommates with their families. So the whole thing gets skewed and dismembered and then the kids grow up closed off and hurt. The shell hardens and becomes shut off from the world thus feeding the internal shadow system. 

With the work that I do, I watch people come in with a shell and armor and leave open. But this is where the work comes in. When we just send people into the world without support, the shadows hunt them down to create a subconscious thought structure within them if they don't do the work with self care and meditation. They begin to project onto the facilitator and think that they are the ones that caused this issue and then the relationship becomes distorted and the healing bluntly stops. 

Time and time again, the shadow hunts a part of me down through my most meaningful relationships and wants to establish its dominance, control and put me into a prison of confusion and heartache. 

Now I see it clearly that I can keep my heart open, keep doing my work and also set very clear boundaries with most people in my life. It's as if I need to protect a small child like my daughter but on the inside of me. There's a young boy that wants to love everyone and nurture them, but this is not possible as the world isn't ready for the Sun to blaze its warmth onto everyone. The demons always show up when someone wakes up swiftly wanting them to fall back to sleep. 

This is where practicing self care and self love and strong boundaries comes into play. One of the biggest things I learned last week within Tantra. Become the moon, watch the fire cleanse the shadow so the Sun can radiate its love into the world through us. 


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