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Don't let the vampires in....

I have a vision that one day we will all wake up to who we actually are. All the thoughts, stories, guilt, shame, and hate will come to an end.

In meditation 2 days ago, there was a vision of many cosmic ships that exist in the other realms entering into our space to help protect this planet from destruction. They were coming from every direction over the horizon. It reminded me of a mass movement or mobilization. Instead of bombs, lasers, and etc., they use energy. They don't seek to kill; they seek to transform. This way we can move into the next stage of civilization. One with free and abundant energy. One of celebration, love, and kindness.

This vision of these guardians doesn't exist in the 3-dimensional space as that's not where the battle is. It exists in the 5-dimensional space. The only senses that can observe these beings and take in cosmic intelligence exist within the heart.

We are all just like the Jedi in Star Wars. The only difference is that we need training in the realm of thought. It's as if the dark side is dropping subtle bombs into our minds to make us believe that we are shameful, guilty, sinful, and unworthy of bliss.

These thought forms work their way in from the outer world and into the psyche just like the old vampire movies. The vampire shows up at the front door to your house with its shiny charisma and talks you into letting it in.

When we realize that we have let these feelings and thoughts into us to affect us and drain us of our power, then we rebel. Not only does this planet have help in the 5th dimension, it has help from each one of us. We have to take our power back. You might ask, how do we do that? Meditation, self-reflection, and all matters of the heart. We have to get out of the logical mind now and start to figure out this problem from a different place. The heart.

We can make an effort to go pick up all the trash in the world, feed every starving person, but it won't get us anywhere. Until we get to the root of the sickness, we will never live in a world of peace. We can postpone the inner work as long as we want, but at the end of life, we will have to do it all anyway. Might as well do it now instead of waiting till our deathbed.

We each have a responsibility to the children of this world to keep them safe. How we do that is by cultivating change on the inside of us, not the outside.

Having thoughts of guilt and shame? Use that thought like a golden trail into your body to see where the pain is telling you this story from. It could be the gut, heart, or literally anywhere in the body. Somatically we can track this down like a shadow hunter and find the core wound. When you reach it, you don't have to identify with it. It's not your fault but take responsibility for it and heal it. Instead, we just sit and feel it and allow the emotion to detoxify.

There is a lot of suffering on this planet, but equally there is the same amount of bliss. Which side do you choose?

Deep bow to you Jedi's, let's get to work.

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