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Breaking Through

In this post I'd like to speak about finding the right dosage for your healing.

Amongst many medicine practitioners. It's not uncommon to want to take the participants deep. After all, the healing does come from getting enough power to move through anything that comes up. I've witnessed the dose that was too low and its adverse effects with Psilocybin in a therapeutic setting and sought out a way to alleviate this phenomenon.

This is where breathwork and meditation comes into play within the preparation before the session. Often, we tend to work with new explorers that aren't sure about how much to take to help them heal. We use a technique similar to Wim Hof's breathe work called Soma breathing in which Shanti Kat was one of my first facilitators that helped me understand the patterns I needed to apply to our practice.

Within this session I was brought to the edge of my resistance and it was my choice to push past or surrender to taking the breathe in the long holds even though my body didn't need too. Once I started to practice this more on my own, I began to realize that Stan Grof, whom was a famous LSD psychologist, had it right. We can use breathwork to find the correct dosage that will help the participant work through the trauma/stories and into something much bigger.

Before using this tool, meditation was also another tool I used to allow the stories to fall away during the peak of my journey.

At one point, in Thailand, Ti and I decided to do a deep dive. It was an interesting scenario and is a direct indicator that the Mushrooms are very intelligent. They gave each of us what we need. We both took the same dose, then we sometimes work with Cannabis at the peak to give ourselves that extra nudge off the cliff. I took the Cannabis oil first, but didn't feel much. Then she took her dose of oil. Once this happen, I started to "slide down" into the void. For those of you that haven't had this happen, it's important to know that it's not the goal, however, that night I was ready to go back to source. I prepped before hand with many hours of meditation, clean eating and other disciplines. You can say, I was putting the non-stick spray on the teflon pan.

Once the cannabis came on, I started to breathe in Soma pattern. The old stories of childhood trauma bombarded the mind and the feeling that I was dying came in with a lot of power to help me resist ego death. Through many Ayahuasca sessions before this particular session, I was trained to remember that I was not the thoughts or emotions. I started my slide into the void and each sticking point or story was quickly observed as something outside of me. They started falling away until my body started to dissolve. Still, I kept the breathe pattern. I got to the end where complete annihilation was about to occur. Then it happened... My soul popped out of the body and become the room and merged with all the sounds and light. I merged with the sacred and I just was. The feeling of my core wasn't near nor far...

Then I started to hear the words from a soft voice, "Just breathe love, breathe". I felt as though that voice was very loving and nurturing. I felt safe and willing to be vulnerable because of this mother energy that was holding space for my spirit to be.

Once I started to come back into the body. Ti was holding me in her arms and being so gentle. I came too and realized that I had fallen forward into her after I left the body.

This was a tremendous experience for both of us. So much so that I knew she was my soul mate and we were to do this sacred work together and with others.

Im forever grateful for the meditation and breathwork teachers I've encountered throughout my spiritual path.

The reason why I post this today is because I've become aware that so many facilitators don't focus on pre/post integration enough. This is what Gold Cap is all about. Supporting our brothers and sisters so they have the foundation built before experiences like these should you be ready.

To learn more about our methods of Preparation, Experience and Integration, feel free to reach out to us, we are here to serve.



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