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If we were able to interview magic mushrooms, what wisdom would they share with us?

These past few weeks, I’ve been working with a microdosing protocol with ceremonial Cacao and a gold caps. I often begin my practice when I start to feel the cacao as that is usually an indicator that the fungus is working through me. My practice consists of listening to some Lane 8, doing yoga and then a silent meditation. I then continue with a run by the river. During my run, I begin to get inspired to spread love. I feel into blog posts like this one by dropping out of the head and into the center of my chest. This allows a teaching from an intelligent being such as the fungus to come through. Sometimes I even shed a tear while running because of the joy and inspiration that radiates from my core.

On one particular day after this wonderful alchemy of discipline and medicine, I started to wonder, “If I could channel the mushroom, what would it say?”

Here are some messages that I’ve received over time that I’d like to share with you, but let me first share that you don’t have to believe anything written here. I have no agenda or dogma to subscribe to. This post is just something I’d like to share with like minded people. Take it with a grain of salt as they say… Enjoy

It begins like this:

Me: What is happening to our planet during these times?

Mushroom: The shedding of primordial fear. It's an ancient process that can sometimes seem scary to self preservation. All life inhabiting planets and realms goes through this. Don’t be scared, instead love and play. When this body dies, another one will be born and that is you.

Me: It seems that most of us are fearful of death. I’ve worked on this fear with Aya. I've had an NDE and also ego death, so dying doesn't scare me, but the process does. What is death?

Mushroom: A new beginning… I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you.

Me: What are you?

Mushroom: I am a network that spans across the great ocean of darkness to all points of light. Connecting each celestial body to one another. We are the great net weavers of cognition and wisdom. We also sacrifice our bodies for you.

Me: What have you come to teach us?

Mushroom: To not take yourself so damn serious. You humans are tricky. Your evolution allowed you to disconnect from your mother beneath your feet, so you can walk and explore her skin. The time has come where you must understand your body, once you understand the body then you’ll begin to learn about the mother you call Earth. Once you understand your mother, you’ll begin to understand your father. You know… the one you call the cosmos/universe? The one that everything that's ever existed is suspended within...

Me: What are we here to do? It seems to me that in our current state, we are damaging the Earth.

Mushroom: There is a reason why you’re still here. If we didn't want you here, you wouldn't be. You “think” (too much I might add) that there is more evil than good when no such thing exists. Everything, even greed is done out of love. The pain, sadness, depression and despair is actually an aching of the heart for reconnection to your natural world around you. It's a compass that will stir you back onto the path of sovereignty. You’ll eventually become the caretakers of this blue mother and all her beings. A few eggs will be broken, as you guys say... but in the end, you’ll see clearly. Be patient and be kind.

Me: I'm bringing a child onto this planet during changing times and I have fear that they will suffer. Will they suffer?

Mushroom: That is your projection. Rid yourself of projecting your old programming onto them and they won’t suffer. You'll give birth to a new type of human that will inherit this Earth. Focus on cleaning it up for them. Work on unlearning what you’ve learned. When they come, sit with them in silence, do ceremonies every week and eye gaze with them. They will teach you, because they’re wise beyond your intellectual understanding.

Me: If there was one message that I was to deliver to my people, what would that message be?

Mushroom: Look up at the stars, look at eachother, look at the animals and us. We love you and you’re not alone. There's a reason why our medicine is available to you and more of you are working with us. We will purge all the fear from your soft bodies.

Me: Am I on the right path?

Mushroom: Dance

Me: Haha!

Me: How do I love more?

Mushroom: You are love, so you cannot “more”.

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