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Penumbra Project Raw Organic Cacao (Peruvian)

Penumbra Project Raw Organic Cacao (Peruvian)

Penumbra Project Cacao is 100% Pure Peruvian Ceremonial Grade, lovingly prepared with intention and gratitude to assist all who share in its magic. Organic and ethically sourced, nothing added, never chemically or temperature altered... very powerful. 




Cocoa powder is raw cacao that’s been roasted at high temperatures. Roasting and processing raw cacao changes the molecular structure of the cacao bean, reducing the enzyme content (bye bye antioxidants and flavanols) and lowering the overall nutritional value by up to 90%.


Regular cocoa is what’s usually used in chocolate you can buy at grocery stores and pharmacies. There’s a lot of confusion around cacao and cocoa.  “Cocoa” sometimes refers to the powder used to make hot chocolate that contains added sugar, fat and processed powdered milk. Pay close attention when buying cacao – look at the label to make sure there are no uninvited guests in the ingredient list. If you want a more nutritious, clean choice – raw cacao powder or ceremonial cacao is the way to go!



Raw foods are not heated to above 42 degrees, which means that in case of raw cacao, the beans are sun-dried instead of roasting. Raw cacao retains maximum nutritional value and flavor. That said, traditionally ceremonial cacao is always roasted, never raw. 

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